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How do I track my order?

Just fill in the order form giving the details of the items you are intending to order.




What are your delivery options?

We have two delivery options :

 1. Pay before delivery in which a customer places the order,pays for it and wait for the items to come.

 2.Pay on delivery in which a customer places the order and waits for the items without paying anything.On delivery of the items,the customer MUST pay before leaving the office with the items.

The first option is faster and more convenient than the second one.

How do I return an item?
Return the items which is unfit to you through the channel which was followed to reach you.That means you have to drop the item(s) at the office where you picked it.
How can I contact your couriers?

You'll only contact the courier through the us.You'll have to contact us so that we can link you to the courier..

Do you provide International delivery?


Currently to Congo (DRC) as far as Lubumbashi and nearby regions but NOT Kinshasa,Zambia,Zimbabwe,Malawi,Mozambique,Kenya,Uganda,Rwanda and Burundi.




What is your returns policy?
We have a very friendly return policy.If an item doesn't fit you;just don't remove any labels,just pack it back and return it to the office for exchange.

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